What Weapons Do Bondsman Carry?

When entering into the field of a bondsman you will be presented with a wide range of different tools and equipment.  For each state and county, the requirements will be different and depending on where you are on the team you may or may not have the same equipment.

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To begin with, those working in the business of Sacramento Bail Bonds will start off with some basic equipment.  They will be issued a badge and other forms of identification.  These will be used to notify people who they are and show their authority in the matter.  From there, they will get sunglasses, gloves and other basics.

From there each bondsman will start to carry their own preferred equipment.  These can be guns, tasers, bullet proof vests, tactical gear, helmets, mace and more.  When deciding on the tools and equipment to be used, each bondsman will have a choice as to what to carry but will be required to carry a specific amount of equipment for personal, team and community safety.


When given a weapon they will also need to go through training.  Companies like Acme Bail Bonds will require their employees to have a set number of trainings, specific number of hours of training, certification and other documentation that they have learned what to do and how to do it.  If this training is not done, then they put themselves, their team and the community at risk at making a mistake.

Licenses and reviews

Bondsman will also need to be licensed.  This license will then need to be reviewed, updated and maintained with new and additional trainings, classes and more.  When issued a license it is stating that you have the legal rights to carry weapons and act in accordance to state law in regards to the apprehension of a fugitive in your care.

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